Visited Seaworld and Package from Japan

March 07, 2012


Okay so I know I always say that I have hectic schedule this year, but because of the stress I decided to run away from all the tasks and have fun with my friends. I saw a great deal from a coupon site in Indonesia for 50% discount to Sea World, which is the biggest indoor aquarium in South East Asia. So I asked some of my friends to tag along with my selfishness and manage to have fun last Sunday. All the pictures are taken by my Iphone, so sorry for the low quality. Because I dont want to bring my huge DSLR when having fun, right? Hope you're still interested to read it

And yeah.. Coz it's directly from Iphone, I dont edit it with Photoshop! Real face!! I dont even use gyaru make up, seriously lol


So we arrived there around 12p.m, although the group photos are in my friend's Galaxy Tab, here are some of the shots with my girlfriends, this is Jessica, my junior high school bestie!


And with Ockta, my campus friend!


Strange lightning inside the venue. You can see that I wear super minimal make up! XD




It was so much fun! I had fun looking at fishes and talked with them. We went for lunch(?) around 3 at Le Bridge Restaurant, it's a restaurant in the middle of sea, and I had Lasagna. Unfortunately my Iphone's battery died so yeah.. Then Ockta and her bf had to go but the rest of us went back to Seaworld until it's closed, after that headed to Mangga Besar Street to have some kwetiauw for dinner! I brought them to my fav kwetiauw place!!!

Moving on, yesterday I received a package from Japan. Do you remember japanese guys that I met at Nuffnang Event last year? We still kept in touch, and I managed to send them some foods from Indonesia, and they sent it back to me!

I often get packages but it's special because it's from Japan la!!! :D




Heartwarming message! ;D


Inside it's filled with so many snacks! *O*


I got some biscuits in many flavors and also candy cakes(?) I dont have any idea what's that ahahah


Also more biscuits and candies!


Nail art stickers, eyelash glue, kuma-chan, and honey lip balm!


Hair Treatment products!


Stuffs i love the most! Top coat nail polish with flower inside, SMELL SO NICE! And canmake highlighter + blush on!!

OMG SO HAPPY!!! They put too many la, I feel not good receiving all of these, I've tried some of the snacks and must say it is REALLY GOOOODDD!!!! *pukes rainbow* Must buy snacks when I visit Japan! I havent eaten snacks for , years? because I dont really like it, but Japanese snacks are so fantastic! T___T :heart:

I know that I havent been blogging properly, but seriously it's because too many assignments that I have T___T Even right now I'm waiting this on Tuesday because I want to run away from it T___T But now, I must go back T_T I promise, I will come back with so many product review for you to see, as usual ok?

but but, I wanna have fun again, where should I go next time? ;-D


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  1. Your photos with octopus doll is super cute ^^
    Wow so much stuffs! Your friend is so nice :)

  2. Go to trans studio!! Udah pergi kesana? Asik loh :D

  3. oh wow! look at those snack, I'm craving some right now. btw I really wonder what did you send to the japanese guy, did you include any indomie? I

  4. What a great timeee.... ^^ it's nice to do some refreshing and escape from the hecticness.

    And I'm sure all the packages are definitely healing everything.. Waaaawwww... envy you, envy you ^^

  5. Hahaha thank you! Though I feel strange to see me posing without heavy make up LOL

    Yes he is!! Didn't expect would receive these many!

  6. Udah dong dari awal buka.. isinya dikit, harganya mahal hahaha

    I sent them a bunch of indomies with different flavors
    I also sent them Sambal ABC, Java Coffee, and ingredients to create indonesian food [rendang, sayur asem, kari ayam, etc]
    I forgot what else, coz it's been 2 months back I sent to them hahaha

  8. Yes! ;___; I need more fun in my life. My schedule is filled with job, blogging, and assignments. I love my life, but I need something refreshing hahaha
    uhuh! it amazes me! ;D I will be fat soon!

    Why dont you exchange packages with your friends too? ^^ Like, buying gifts for each other, it's fun y'know ;D

  9. I was going to Sea World too when they got 50% discount!!! xD... and yeah Japanese snack is so damnnn good >,<...

    Good luck on your assignments btw! *hugs*..I got tons of them too and still a long way to go D:

  10. wah, snacks-nya bikin ngilerrr!
    eniweii, biar make up nya minimalis tetep cakep ko stell malah keliatan fresh and muda nya. tapi bukan berarti kalo di make up keliatan tua sih, cuma jadi lebih dewasa aja. kalo minimalis gini jadi kaya masih 17-18 taun :-D

  11. Iyaaaa.. aku padahal gak suka ngemil jadi ketagihan hahaha

    Wuooooo... saya masih 19 LOL ~
    Iya sii, kalo ke kampus ak jg gak mekapan, ato palingan kek gini. Kalo jalan-jalan aja baru full make up. Kesian kulitnya XD

  12. I wanna go to Waterbom next, in fact I dont want, but my friends insist xDDD;;; I.. cant swim.. xD;

    You do understand my problem la, after all we're in same faculty, and lack of sleep + tons of assignments are our everyday food T_T

  13. you still look cute, even with less makeup :)

  14. hehe..maksudnya keliatan kaya masih sma gitu, waktu awal2 aku baca blogmu *nemu dari* aku kira kamu masih kecil lho kira2 beda 3-4 taun lebih muda, taunya cuma beda setaun. me too, ngampus minimalis bgt. sebenernya aku jg pengen jalan2 pake full make up tapi masih belom gape >.<
    *curcol, lol!*

  15. ahahaha this is the first time someone told me I looked younger than my current age!!! LOL
    biasanya slalu dikira lebih tua karna mekapnya XDD

    ah kalo ngampus emang ngapain mekap tebel2 xD; d kampusku lagian kerjaannya ngecat, satu badan kotor sama cat + bekas pensil-penghapus, kuku juga kekopek2 xD;; *peluk*
    kalo jalan2 ayuk full make up dong 8D *racun*

  16. thank you! this is my daily face hahaha