Saturday, March 31, 2012

Have you ever had a Pajamas Party before?

I am lucky enough that my first Pajamas Party is hosted by Ponds at one of the most luxurious hotel in my country, Grand Hyatt! I seriously can't stop saying how lucky I am to be invited to this awesome event along with my lovely blogger friend, Nisa, whom you must have known already.

Warning : contains a LOT of big resolutions photos. And you may drool and envy my life after this but seriously, I just become a princess for a day, then after that, Nisa had Indomie instant noodle for breakfast, and I eat tempe again the day after wtf LOL

Thursday, March 29, 2012

You guys know how much I often rave a product if I do like it too much. I received my first professional fake nails set like a week ago and mesmerized even for the first time I saw it. I got mine from Crystallized Nail Art! The fake nails are all handmade and made according your own nail size. It's custom made and you can order any design that you like! I told her that I love rock style, and I want to have rokku gyaru nails like Sakurina!!! *_* but she said she never made anything like that before, as she's more into kawaii and feminine stuffs, I said okay la just mix it with pink then. I trust her so I just wait for it to arrive. And this what I got!!

READ MORE !!!! *O*

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Okay I don't know whether the song list will be same in every country, or different depending on the audience, because honestly I NEVER WATCH ANY CONCERT BEFORE!

Because I only love Japanese musicians and none of them come to Indonesia. But L'Arc has made a movement and I still can't believe i am gonna watch it! ;D Probably I will cry after the concert end, though I havent cried for so many years duh lol #lebay

So I got this list from my friend Kirari, whom a blogger in Thailand. And quite a few asked me to share it, so here's the list! 19 songs!

And yes I translate the japanese song name for you, you're welcome ;-x

Song List

いばらの涙 - Ibara no Namida
Good Luck My Way
Drink It Down
瞳の住人 - Hitomi no Jyuunin
Forbidden Lover
My Heart Draws a Dream
Seventh Heaven
Driver’s High
Stay Away
Ready Steady Go
あなた - Anata
Winter Fall
Blurry Eyes
虹 - Niji

source HERE from kirari's blog :heart:

In fact I am quite disappointed that they don't bring my first L'Arc's song and my favorite all the time, which is the fourth avenue cafe! T_T Hopefully for Indo they will play it, coz I know so many Indo requests for it too!

I also expect them to play Jiyuu eno Shoutai, Dive to Blue, and also Heaven's Drive T____T And the list goes on.. huhuhuhu

Hopefully there are some changes for each country

I seriously can't wait! It's only a month left and i have to memorize those songs again! I haven't listened to them for a while, and there are some songs that I have to admit I have never listened to. So for the last 1 month, I will be studying their songs hardly! LOL

Speak, Ibara no namida, anata, fate..

Even when I thought "oh okay I know and remember this song, let's try sing it again", happened on Revelation, I forgot most of the lyrics except the reff wtf! Okay I still DO Remember their popular songs such as Driver's high, ready steady go, honey, but not enough! I feel like I have to memorize them perfectly before the concert! It's a task for me! LOL

Useless task for non-fans I guess LOL

Who are going to watch it too!!! 2nd May will be the best day ever for every L'Arc fans in Indonesia! :D

I will be at VIP area, just go find the blonde shorty one and say hi if you do recognize me! Hahahaha! Let's have a great day together at that time!

Start studying the songs okay!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Okay so Kawaii.i had a fashion contest for this Spring and Summer. I wanted to join because I missed the last contest, and one of the last contest winners is my friend from France! Super excited because Japan staffs have thought about international fans who love Japanese fashion and even make community and contest to gather us ;D

So I find quite difficulty because mostly my outfits are black, and it's really difficult to take photo of black outfits because you just cant see any details or whatsover wtf T_T and It's SPRING/SUMMER Contest! ;A; roma gyaru and mori gyaru are probably really suitable for this season, but I have ditched flowery stuffs! So it's really really difficult

But just for fun, I joined at last





This is what I wrote =

I am short & I feel my upper body especially my arm & tummy are quite fat. I use the cream colored knitted loose sweater to cover it. I decide to not use any necklace because I don’t want it to be too top heavy, instead I put my hair to my chest

I want to make myself look taller, So I wear short denim & black over-knee socks, completed with leather ankle boots with heels to elongate my legs

I don’t want to lose my rock style, so I decide to use silver bracelet & chain belt to complete the outfit

I have huge square face, so I curl my front hair inward to cover it, so it looks sharper, & less square. Then I curl the other hair outward, & comb it backward so it will be puffier, my face will look smaller & more defined

I use orange colored eyeshadow & blush on. Then put peach lipgloss so it looks fresh & perfect for spring. Also fake eyelashes & circle lenses to make my eyes appear bigger. I also contour my flat nose & cheekbones for more dimention

Because I keep everything simple & fresh, the main focus is on my fake nails. I have short fingers, i love wearing fake nails because it makes my fingers longer, & more beautiful. The colors are in black & pink, so it’s sweet without losing the rock style. The decorations make it look fabulous & make my whole outfit more refined


I wanted to write more but it's limited to 250 words only so yeah. I hope you all get it, hmmm???? ;D

But then after a while, so many contestants uploaded their photo and I feel intimidated and not even dare to see myself next to them because all are so pretty and fashionable!!!! ( ;_; ) Now, winning is really impossible, at least being not laughed at by the staffs for being average and ugly compared to other contestants is what I expect the most LOL #lebay

This is my entry here ! You may check other contestants as well! They're so amazing!

And anyway yes! I love my new fake nails! i will be doing a proper review of those amazing nails soon! Please wait for it!

And don't ask where I buy the clothes, mostly are unbranded from HK, Korea, and such la. Even my denim is from my 5th grade, and it still fits! No, it is slightly bigger than my current size DUH!!! I hope I won't become thumbellina and disappear LOL

Alright I need to go now to attend an event, then finish my homeworks afterwards. My Lecturers are so heartless as they give us so many assignments before mid-test. I will probably have no much fun time until it's over. Hopefully my score is still okay

Have a nice day everyone!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012




Ever wondered where to buy every women things in one place? Starting from fashion, beauty stuffs, and accessories? Worry not! Now we have Le Velley to solve your problems!

You can buy all those stuffs in affordable price, huge selections of products, and also ship worldwide!

Here are some examples of products they sell =

Monday, March 19, 2012


I still remember that the first contact lens I own is in blue color. I started wearing circle lens since I was 12 years old, and it's an awesome experience. I still can recall the hesitate and frightening feeling when I tried putting it on eyes. It is scary, but the result is devastating. I haven't worn blue lens for years because it is somewhat too scary on me. I own too many brown lenses, and I get bored. I miss the bright blue on my eyes so I looked for a lens that gives vivid blue color on my eyes. Then the option falls to EOS Blytheye

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Warning : Heavy pictures! [as usual? lol ] and heavy posts as well~

Blogging this from my Iphone, and I am too lazy to edit every Iphone photos so bear with my un-edited face.

You all must have known that I have photography assignment where I changed my friends Vannie to model HERE. So Now my classmates decided to use me to become their model, as of course as students all of us cannot afford to pay real model to become our homework subject, right? LOL

So last tuesday, we did a photoshoot at our campus

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Highlighting is one of my secrets to make my face look brighter and more radiant instantly. Sure I do love contouring more, but it cant never be complete without highlighter. I used to use Stila highlighter but it turns out so greasy and fake after 2 hours on my face, so I'm still looking for a perfect highlighter. I told Kanebo Indonesia months ago and they sent me this product for a review purpose this month! I am excited to test whether it is good or not! :D

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I know many of you will like this review. It's Koji Dolly Wink False Eyelashes - Otona Gyaru series by Masuwaka Tsubasa! Mylovelysister asked me before whether I was interested trying out this line or not. In fact I am not into Tsubasa that much as I love Sakurina's style more, but I do acknowledge that there is a side of myself when I want to be otona gyaru, less heavy make up, but still look gyaru. So I said yes, and I picked no 11 in Pure Sweet as it catches my heart most!

I have owned several Dolly Wink False Eyelashes before so this is not something new for me :D

Monday, March 12, 2012

You guys must have known about Revlon Lip Butter Launching Event that was held last month, you guys can read it HERE . As a guest, we are given two shades of lip butters, with any other products as well, to review it on blog. Revlon Lip Butters have quite such a big rave on other cities, many gurus and beauty bloggers swear by it. That's why I'm really excited and curious to see if it meets my expectation


Saturday, March 10, 2012


Okay so if you don't know me, but I'm still a student in one private university in Jakarta, taking Art & Design as my faculty. Filled up with so many assignments, I decide to share one of my assignment here that has link with beauty. Yeap, photography class!

We're learning about lighting at the moment and we have to use model. I decide to use Vannie, my classmate, and also my bestie to become a model. If you know her in person, she's such a sweetheart that even wont kill an ant till I wanna slap her for her feminine LOLOL ok la I do it a lot to her hahaha.. Basically she's someone who looks like a weak princess, she loves pink and frill and lace, and anything that you can imagine from a feminine girl

So I challenge myself whether I can turn her into someone's different! I know I am not that good in photography, but I think I am quite ok in make up and arranging poses. So last friday I ditched class because I only have chance to use my university studio at that time. Along with some of my team. All of us have our own model. It took me 2 hours to do her make up

In fact, I think I am too focused on make up becoz approximately the other models only finish the make up in 30 mins - 1 hour. But I want it to be maximal, so let's see!!


Friday, March 9, 2012


So I got some of nail art tools products from BornPrettyStore. Born Pretty Store is one of the best supply to get your nail art tools for cheap price! They do ship worldwide from China. Apart from nail art stuffs, they also sell other beauty products as well such as make up and wig!


I got this nail art glitters!! Twelve glitter colors to pamper my nails! I forgot the exact price but the total is less than 10 bucks! :-o


Here is some close up shot of the glitter. The texture is quite rough but it's really tiny, and sparkling beautifully. Mixing the glitters on nails can also be a good option, get creative with these glitters !


I also get this nail art brush set, all comes in different sizes and shapes to make your nail art process easier! It's less than 10 bucks as well! :-o The brushes are synthetic but easy to use and pick up products nicely. I also use it to draw patterns on my nails with nail polishes as well. It's a little difficult to find the nail art brush set here, besides, must be quite expensive

I still remember I have to buy nail art brush in Taiwan for my friend because she cant find it in here

So If you wanna stock some nail tool products, or other nail art necessities, or probably daily goodies, you can visit Bornprettystore to take a look! They sell a wide variety of beauty stuffs! :D Also if you put code SLK31, you will receive 5% discount on your total purchase as well!!

Do you love to do your nails too?

Thursday, March 8, 2012


So I heard about this BB Cream first time from MyLovelySister, after reading her blog I am really impressed and want to try it out by myself. If you haven't read it, you can read her review HERE ! :-o

So one day this product arrived at my home safely, sent by her, you guys know that I can never get enough of face products so let's see whether this product will receive harsh or great review from me!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Okay so I know I always say that I have hectic schedule this year, but because of the stress I decided to run away from all the tasks and have fun with my friends. I saw a great deal from a coupon site in Indonesia for 50% discount to Sea World, which is the biggest indoor aquarium in South East Asia. So I asked some of my friends to tag along with my selfishness and manage to have fun last Sunday. All the pictures are taken by my Iphone, so sorry for the low quality. Because I dont want to bring my huge DSLR when having fun, right? Hope you're still interested to read it

And yeah.. Coz it's directly from Iphone, I dont edit it with Photoshop! Real face!! I dont even use gyaru make up, seriously lol

Sunday, March 4, 2012

In case some of you have not noticed, Stupid GOOGLE has banned Google Friend Connect Usage on any other sites except blogger sites! I use wordpress so there's totally no chance for me to use it anymore since this march! If by any 0,0000000001 % chance any google staff read this, I HATE YOU!!!

I moved my site from to this site, purchase my own domain + hosting, and has to deal with paying upgrade everytime my readers exceed my expectation, is to enjoy some privileges offered, which the first point is to have Google Friend Connect on wordpress! And now it can't be used???!!! DUUHHH!!! (    ;  A ; ) !!!!


In fact I've been warned this by Monica Tang on twitter since a few weeks ago but I hoped they would change because of the demands, but Google is too stubborn so yeah =_= And I know I know, stop telling me that I can just move to blogger to earn all the benefits, I've been using wordpress since 2009 and if I move to blogspot, I cant move all my posts! Which means I have to lose everything and start everything from zero again! Too . . bothersome !!!

I will... just pay T__________T

as long as there are still people who wanna read this blog T___T

So . . .  Will still use this wordpress stuff, and if you have followed me using Google Friend Connect to be noticed on my new blog post, I strongly advise you to like my facebook fan page here, because I will always update any new post there! Or also can find me via twitter HERE



And not sure if anybody notice, because nobody really ask me, I cut my hair. Well, technically it's still quite long, but I cant keep up with some of dead ends and split hair so I went to salon and cut it. This is my current hair. It used to be below my belly, but now it's around my waist only. I want to grow it till it reach my ass! LOL Why? Coz if I curl it, it becomes shorter! Girls must know this, right?

In fact I'm already quite tired of my hair, I'm easily bored and constantly change my hair, but I'm too lazy to find a new hair color + salon, so will stick to this color for now. Unless there's a salon willing to sponsor my hair LOL


I have been super pretty busy lately because of my projects, tasks, and also my job. If you guys followed me on twitter, you all must have known about this. This is also the reason why I rarely tweet and blog, I apologize!

But! One of the homeworks from my campus is to make a logo that represents ourselves! After weeks, I finally created my own Logo!!


So yeah, you know that I'm not tomboy, but cannot be categorized as feminine either. I listen to rock and punk music, especially Japanese Rock such as the Gazette, Miyavi, Gackt, and so on. I love Japanese Rock style that's heavily influenced by European Medieval Ages + Gothic, I was into visual kei before I moved to Gyaru. To be honest, I love European history and art too! Too many things to be told, but I think it does represent me. My friends keep telling me that it's really me, but what do you guys think? Do you think it matches me or not? :D

I will be using it to watermark my picture! I used to own one a few months back, but I disliked it so I stopped using it -_-

And as for my job, in fact I've been working on a lot of different fields since young [feels old already]. No la, I'm not poor, my mom still feeds me but I want to have fun with my own money, and I'm saving all my money for Japan next year! Will go there 1-10th January 2013. An airplane company has offered me a good price because they see my blog, but I'm still searching for a better price

In case some of you wonder, no no, I don't sell my body alright ? There are some gossips around about me and this is one of them, ridiculous! I'm not angry, but I just wanna state to make it clear. I'm working as Jewelry's Designer Freelancer :) They pay me per design, and although I'm really new in this field and never really thought that I would be working on this kind of job, I find that my boss quite liked my designs and demanded more and more. So I am really thankful for that

I also do some writing stuffs and earn some or less money through blogging! So yeah, that's where I have money to afford my living style. I don't have to sell my body to earn it, nor I want to ask my parents for money and job. I find that it's really pitiful for adult, especially for those who have graduated from university to stay at home and play all day while their parents work their ass of to feed them. No shame ah? Moreover, some of them are filthy rich, and they are bragging about stuffs that they got from their parents. I never respect those kind of people, hate me for that, but I stand for my opinion :|


Also, I just noticed how.. short I am . . . I always think that my height is average but people keep telling me that I look so short in real life without my heels. I'm too used to wearing heels or wedges everywhere, even my sandals have heels to cheat my height, until I have no flat shoes anymore. So I think my brain becomes too numb to recognize my actual height wtf T__T

I dunno why, but when I was 13, my height is in fact 158cm! I drew it on the back of my class with my friends on the first term, and when we were about to graduate, it suddenly became 155cm and everyone were shocked to death!!

To be honest, mom is 158cm, and I used to be a little taller than her when I was teen, but now, like, seriously? I am the shortest in my family!!! And so I claimed that my height is 155 right.. But then.. IDK, I lost my confidence now, I think that I'm getting shorter and shorter x___X


What kind of black magic is this!!!

How is that even possible???!!!!

And yes if you ask me, I used to wear 36-37 size shoes, but now I have shoes size 35 and it's still a little too loose for me so my friend suggested me to go to ZARA or Guess Kids to buy shoes #pokerface And it's really difficult to find 34-35 shoe size anywhere so I rarely buy shoes -_-

I also have some friends that I always say that they're short, and they admit it. So I told my tall friends, I'm average and they're short, and they were like, "WTF YOU'RE SHORTER THAN THEM! DONT YOU KNOW IT?"

And so I stood up next to them, and the result is . . . . .  .


Because it's getting more and more ridiculous!!!!!

I'm about to go to Sea World now. If you dont know, it's the largest indoor aquarium in Indonesia [or probably in South East Asia?]. I heard it's normally over Rp 120.000 but I managed to get a deal from a website for Rp 30.000 only! It's been a long time since I visit it, hopefully it would be fun! Talk to you guys later! :-*

Saturday, March 3, 2012


I purchased this Juju Aquamoist Bubble Facial Wash Review months back from SASA. But I only have chance to review it now. I am interested in Bubble Facial Wash because it is really gentle and doesn't stress out our skin. Juju is a Japanese drugstore skincare product, and I have heard so many good reviews of it, and it stands equal with Hada Labo that I adore so much :-o In fact, I have tried 2-3 products of them, such as their lotion and normal facial wash. But I am interested to try more! ;D


JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash can create rich and creamy lather with moisturizing benefit of Hyaluronic Acid that leaves your skin dewy and silky without stripping skin's own moisture. The delicate lather JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash gives your smooth and fresh finish while completely washing off the impurities in pores and gently removes excess oil.

Put some JUJU Cosmetics Aquamoist Moisture HA Bubble Facial Wash onto palm, apply and massage over your face, then rinse with water. For better moisturizing result, use with other products of Aquamoist series.

It comes in sturdy pump packaging. Plus point because I love pump product! Unfortunately there's no english instruction or ingredients there, all are in Japanese language. Usually I only pump 1 for one usage, but if I feel my skin is really dirty, I use 2 pumps. It's more than enough for an entire face for me!


The bubble foam is really moisturizing, soft, and fine. Although it's not that bouncy but it melts onto my skin amazingly, leaving my skin fresh, moisturized, and fresh. I love the feeling after using this product because it doesn't make my skin feels tight, but instead more hydrated and smooth. It also has no smell, so for those of you who don't like fragrance on skincare, this may be a good option

Unfortunately an upside down for it is that I don't feel the moisturizing feeling last that long if I forget to slap moisturizer again on top of my clean face. I also don't see any improvement on my skin besides it's getting more hydrated. I wish there were more that this product can offer

Final Opinion =

Pros :

  • Comes in pump packaging

  • The bubble foam is fine and gentle

  • Doesn't have any smell

  • Moisturizing and Hydrating

Cons :

  • The moisturizing effect doesn't last long


I purchased this for about 11-12 USD, which is quite a fair price for me considering the brand. But I need more effect from this product and I expected a lot, I wish they would brighten up my face or make it radiant. Probably this product is suitable for those who already have clear skin and only want to maintain their almost-perfect skin. Because I don't have break out or any skin problems when using this product

Still. I prefer Hada Labo over Juju because Hada Labo offers me a more radiant and healthy glowing skin. Though again, it just suits me best :D

Have you ever tried Juju and Hada Labo? Which one do you like most?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A few weeks ago I was invited by Clarins Indonesia to attend their White Plus HP Launching Event product. The event took place at The Orient 8 Restaurant, Hotel Mulia on Friday. And this is the first time I attended Clarins event. Before this I never used Clarins, but I know my aunts are using a few products from them.


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