Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cos I don't camwhore as much as other bloggers, today I present one of my old pics to you so you all will keep loving me *gets slapped* lol

But I think it's true.. I get more statistic when the blog has my photos -__- I guess I need to camwhore more??

But in fact I am pretty lazy to do complete make up look, especially everyday #failedgyaru. Cos it takes a long time to do so, and beside i dont like the idea of wearing make up everyday. Mostly only BB Cream or sunblock, and some cream blush and lip tint if I feel like to. Ever since I know more about beauty, the more I want to use it less on everyday basis. Right now I am more into rejuvenating my skin first. Because good make up won't be a good look if your skin isn't good, agree?

Oh, and anyway, I am going somewhere where I don't really have internet access for a while. I don't think I will blog a lot for the next weeks, unless it's scheduled, so yeah :x

But I have scheduled a giveaway post on 1st september, please come back again although if i do not mention it on my facebook or what. But even better if you visit my blog everyday LOL

Oh and anyway, I will be turning 20 soonnnnn TxT And I DONWANNNNN ;___;
I hate aging, and I hate growing up, I love being immature, and wish to stay teen FOREVER LOL Yeap, I have peter pan syndrome

So yeah, only 2 more weeks until I become 20..
my birthday is on 12th september, presents are welcomed, here's my email if you want to ask where to ship presents mwahahahaha, ehem ._.

Up to now I still insist for being 19 to everyone and mom gets irritated cos of it -_-" But seriously... ;_;

I feel like I have achieved a lot, but haven't achieved that many either.. My life right now isn't perfect, although most of you probably jelly of my freebies, but I also have obstacles and bad events happened in my life la! Everyone has their own happiness and sadness. 

But I hope on my 20 years old age, I can achieve more happiness than before. 

Don't greet me happy birthday, NOT YET! \( >3<)/

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I become lazier to put false eyelashes because I'm out of my lash glue and haven't restocked any. Too lazy to buy one, I consider mascara as the best way to save my short and thin lashes. But mostly mascara are same, at least for me.. 

But, Behold!!

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara comes in an unique wand! Easier application and no panda eyes???!! is it possible o.o I become a target for their advertisement, so I asked RieButik that I wanted to try this~ Comes in 2 types of mascara, one for volume and one for lengthening. Is it really different?

We'll find out! :D

Monday, August 27, 2012

Kanebo strikes once again! This product clearly captivates my heart for its high quality products purely made for everyone to use for achieving high quality beauty and impact. I always love asian skin care, because it just works better on me, and I do believe it too! It's probably because I am asian so I find that their skincare works better for me. Japanese and Korean, that's it.

Same like Kanebo, their products are mostly gentle and moist. And japanese is widely known for wanting to achieve brighter and fairer skin. It used to be a common thought ages ago that, The brighter the skin, the richer she is. As only rich people don't have to do any labor and dont go outside often, that's why their skin is very very fair

Everyone want to achieve that bright skin!

And although it's also genes, but we can work to achieve a little brighter skin by using their products, right? It's not a sin to dream and work on it! ;)

Friday, August 24, 2012

Okay, finally I have time to edit all the pictures from my trip to Seoul!! Because I also dunno, so many thinngs to do although it's holiday *old excuse, but true* ;_;
I will reveal one by one what makes me so busy, but right now, doesn't matter about my business right, what's the matter is my trip to Seoul!!!

I am sure you guys are curious about how it goes, eh, no? Well I'll just take it as you're interested to read till the end!

Warn you, this will be full of pictures, so better take a drink and snack to enjoy it while reading this post :D

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Sorry it's out late, some of you have asked me about it before, and I apologize for the delay because of my trip T___T

I didn't have time to put make up and do review with my face, only products for now.. Therefore I dont bother to put it on youtube. I upload it on blogger instead.. 

But I hope you managed to get an idea and know about their new products
I swear that wonder pore skin care line is really amazing, absolutely wonderful one!! None of its products disappoint me, all are so good and fresh!!!

I am sure you will love it too if you try ^.^
You can buy it at any Etude House counters available in your country / city!

Talk to you guys later, I am doin my nails right now ugh xD

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

 Did I mention that I have become a fan of Holika Holika Brand already? Because nuff said, the packaging is really really adorable, and the quality is really good for me! I believe one day if it has more exposure, it will surpass some big brands :D 

So right now, to make you love and know about this brand more, I show you one of my favorite product from this brand, which is their Fantasy Blush!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

 Enough with make up reviews, I want to review something different.

I dont normally wear perfume as I feel the scent mostly is too old-fashioned and too strong for me, yet the price for good one is unreasonable ;_; like, one bottle for 100USD.. so I mostly wear perfume only for special occasion, not for everyday use. But I need one for everyday, and what's better than finding a perfume made by Asian Cosmetics ? Because we all know that asian cosmetics, especially Japan and Korea, are much lighter to wear on daily basis. Well, at least for me, personally lol

  That's why I order these It's Holika Holika Holi Holi Magic Drop Perfume!! *claps hands*

Saturday, August 18, 2012


After my experience with Inissfree Clay Mask before, I am interested to try other clay mask type more, and so my option goes to Lioele Pore & Tightening Mud Pack, a beautiful packaging mask with cinderella princess theme that comes from Korean, the country that's well known for their healthy and dewy skin

Shall we look further about this product? :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

 *uhuk* so basically this is my haul from Korea.. Do not say that I am a spender, I will tell you that 95% of this haul is not for me. These are for my friends and family, they want it because they heard the cosmetics are cheap in Korea.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Apparently I am back to Jakarta, and I will feed you all again with beauty supplies from my blog so you will end up beautifying yourself *I hope* lol

When I'm back, although I am still in holiday, I still have a lot of projects, yesterday I even went to an office to talk about a collaboration as they'd like to! There are other interesting projects as well but I am afraid I cannot accept all the offer because of the schedule @___@ but let's just see..

Anyway, I admit I rarely put my photos right now, i'm sorryyyyy

It's because I have irritation eyes for weeks already, and I dont know what causes it, so I stopped wearing circle lenses as often as I usually do, as well as lessen my make up usage to prevent more infections. I suspect that I am just too tired :( That's why I dont do much camwhores because I cannot bother to take pictures without circle lenses. My whole make up is not complete!!! lol

I still owe you guys my Korea Trip Posts, and report about the Pink Play Concert, But I havent finished editing all the pictures because I have a lot of things to taken care of, something internal :x

Anyway, say goodbye to my long blondie hair! I will be cutting my hair soon! Right now it's around my hips but because it's too long, and damaged because of the bleaching, it falls off a lot like cancer patient T_______T

So my salon told me to cut it around my chest bohohohohooooo!!! *cries aloud*

But I also believe that it's the best choice because the damage cannot be saved by them, as it's really tangled already *sobs in the corner*

Well whatever, It will grow again, I still have 6 months again until my trip to Japan. I better take care of myself first before camwhoring a lot there! :)

Oh I also do laser face in Ido's Skin Center Clinic! Only twice but the result is pretty obvious already. My face is really really bright and white, yet it's much cleaner and suppler! I havent finished my treatment yet, because I want to get rid of my acne scar. But I will let you know how it works on me when it's finished!! :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

As a beauty junkie, make up brushes may be your worth investment compared to make up stuffs, as it helps you delivering good result from your make up to your face. Also good make up brushes will last for years, meanwhile make up itself will only last approximately 3 years [mascara is only 3 months]. So purchasing good and high quality make up brushes are worth of your investment. 

But good make up brushes are expensive, and so some of my friends recommend me Masami Shouko brushes that Indonesian can easily purchase from Kay Collection in any malls. I've tried a few of them before and it's pretty decent and have fair price. And so recently I receive a few new brushes from themselves to try again. And most of them haven't been tested by me so I am pretty excited! :D

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I have owned this for a really long time but I haven't had any time to review it. It is in fact their limited edition from 2011, Spring Season. I always like Shiseido majolica majorca because of it's princessy packaging that looks so elegant and cute on the same time. Unfortunately they are not available in here :(

I have too many pink blushes so I got mine in OR302 which is a peachy orange coral that compliments and brightens up the face

Saturday, August 11, 2012

I normally dont do Japanese beauty product reviews because it's really difficult to find it in Indonesia, and usually I am asked a lot where I buy those if I feature it, so I better not lol But then Pinker Belle Cosmetics contacted me and I saw that they offered Japanese products so I am interested to review them! But basically this is just a short review, but a lot of pictures, cos it's only one blog post, unlike usual. But still, you will love it la lol *slapped*

Friday, August 10, 2012

Here's just another mini post to keep you updated with the latest info about me, though it's like 2 days ago, on Wednesday

As you guys know that I am in Seoul currently, and 2 days ago I attended Etude House Pink Play Concert. I am not gonna blog about it because I will have a proper blog post when I am back in Jakarta, but right now here are some shots that I took with my phone!

I record the performance la so I will vlog about it. Right now please be satisfied with only a few pictures lol

no need to say which one I am right haha, I am the blonde one lol
Met singaporean and thailand bloggers who were invited as well! It's in front of the concert hall!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

And obviously that I didn't do it by myself but by professional la, I got Shinjuku salon to do it for me before I went to Korea. Cos I dont wanna lose to Korean girls la hahaha

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I make this video all night until I just woke up at 10, didn't realize my alarm at 7 to get free breakfast on the hotel T___T

So you better enjoy this one cos I tried so hard to make and upload it all night bohohohohoo

Pictures blogpost will be comin up later

I am about to take shower and have fun for Etude House event today

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

I'm such a great blogger, right now I am blogging and reporting some of stuffs instead of going out *praises myself, wtf*
No la, in fact I am waiting my friend, Niken, to pick me up. She's currently staying in Seoul and she will be bringing me to Dongdaemun!

Internet is really fast in here, and I can connect to wifi most of the times, everywhere!! o.o
That's why I bring my laptop, cos I will be uploading vlog each day [I hope..] so you guys can experience Korea with me too ^.^

But here are some pics from my phone first

I arrived in Korea around 7am, but had to take bus to Seoul, so I actually arrived in my hotel around 10am. Then I couldn't check in, I had to wait until 2 pm, so I wandered around Myeogndong, with my heavy laptop and DSLR inside my bag, and managed to look around and snap some photos

What I love and respect the most about Seoul is that their city is really really clean, and although the weather is really sunny and hot, it's not polluted at all. I get a little breakouts because of the change weather, but I think it's ok

It's quite crowded right now, and I had chance to visit a lot of beauty stores such as Holika Holika, Etude House, Face Shop, Innisfree, and others.. They sell a lot of cheap stuffs o.o And If I mean cheap, it really is!!!

I once saw an eye and lip remover only 2USD from apieu brand!! MAD CRAZY!!

But unlike cosmetics, clothes are quite expensive. See, even if it's on sale, it's still 29.000 won, which is around 30USD -_-" I saw cheaper stuffs like 10-15USD but they're very average
I am going to Dongdaemun soon, cos I heard clothes in there is much cheaper

I also give myself a big applause for trying out Bibimbap!! I never want to eat spicy food nor I can stand it. But when you're in Rome, do it as Romanians! So I always try to eat local food as best as I can!!! I got bibimbap for 6000 won set, around 6USD. including kimchi and water, for free. I thought I had to pay first then I asked in mandarin "mian fei ma?" & the staff said yes lol

Why I spoke mandarin?
Duh nobody speak english in hereeee T____T
Everytime I talk in english they run awayyyyy and they dont want to bother helping me either!!
And probably saw my face, they asked me "ke yi qiang guo yi ma?" [can you speak mandarin?] and so I said "yi tian tian la" [a little bit..] and so all the koreans keep talking in mandarin rapidly until I went ajsdkasjdasdakls @____@

And so everyone kept talking to me in mandarin, and I feel I am not in Korea at all, but in Taiwan wtf

I should have learned mandarin better. I cannot survive in Asia with english, Mostly they use mandarinnnn T___T

That's my lunch!!! 

The portion is really big!!! I regret for not sharing it but buy one portion instead. I didnt finish them up, mom would go mad at me lol 

I will be trying ddokbogi and jajangmyun later, I heard they're very popular!!

After 2 pm I can check in and take a shower, finished dolling up, and now waiting for my friend!!
Better finish everything first and leave soon, so I have something to blog and share about to you all!!

Follow me on instagram and twitter @stellalee92 for faster updates!
I love Korea's internet!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Before my flight to Seoul today, I decide to do a post about what I am bringing there!! I want to keep it as minimum as possible because I don't want my luggage to be over-weight because of make up >__<
I tried to bring a lot of samples make up so I can throw it away when I finish them up. Because when return to Jakarta, I must be havin new stuffs right lol

Anyway, although I will be bringing my laptop, but I suggest you to follow me on twitter and instagram, stellalee92, because I will update the most and faster there! If you are interested in my trip and Korea, do follow me there :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

If you're a packaging freak and would love to have a product to die for, one of it is supposed to be this Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar. With super cute bunny head on the cap, and different emotions on each head, as well as different flavor and scent, make this gloss looks so cute and different!!

I know this at first from youtube, when one of a guru used this product to get the natural lip color.. 

So so, are you interested to know more about this? Bet you do XD

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