Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 is about to end, and i am about to spend my New Year in Japan.. And while you're reading this, I am probably sleeping on a plane, on my way to Tokyo.. Looking back now, I hardly can believe that 2012 is probably the year that makes me becoming a different person :loveword:

I experience so many things that I have never expected before... Both good, and bad. It all came for a purpose, I believe. To make me stronger, and a better person. I learn a lot this year, and I feel like I have becoming more mature, yet somehow I lose a little bit of my cheerfulness though. And I blame adult life :x
In total, this year, I have made 215 posts, including this one.. That means I blog at least once every 2 days, such a hardworking blogger :lolpastel: :heartcat:

This post probably means nothing to you, but being someone who loves history, I love writing a post to make me remember about what have been so far.. Reminiscing this past year  :oops:

I always feel that my life is for a purpose, and so are everyone. Our lives are connected each other. And whatever someone does, directly or indirectly will affect my life. And the same goes on me...

I dont know if I have affected anyone yet, but I just hope that it's for good cause
I always feel that I have achieved a lot, yet havent achieved nothing
I feel that my life is perfect already, but I know I have a long way to go to reach my goal  :oops:

There are so many things that I didn't expect for being through.. And I didn't expect that I could become someone the way I am now..  :oops:
Btw for serious talk, I suddenly become very emo :lolpastel:
Anyway I also have made my resolution for 2012 and so far I think I almost complete my resolution, so all is good

This year a lot of memorable events are =

I have wanted a set of sigma brushes ever since LOONNGG time ago T.T Now I got it!!
Well, it is in travel size so obviously it's cheaper, and Zatura Shop is having promotion and best price at the moment, so the price can be a little, better xD

In fact, Sigma isn't that expensive for me, but the shipping to indonesia is ridiculous.. How I wished I lived in US before.. Anyway, I got Sigma Travel Kit in Mr.Bunny. I love Mrs.Bunny too, the blue-purple one, but I think it doesnt suit me that much lol also, black looks more pro haha. So yeah, let's see this together ^-^

Saturday, December 29, 2012

 For the past few months I have dedicated my skin by using Menard Skincare. Menard is famous for its skincare range, and I always love Japanese skincare! My skin is very damaged because of trying too many skincare and make up products, therefore I decide to only use one skincare brand now

I use Lisciare Skincare, it is from Menard, and it is not available yet in Indonesia. Probably next year. The Lisciare comes with Pink Packaging, and it is a skin care series that focuses on moisturizing skin, and improving skin texture and firmness.  Basically just to improve skin condition :D

But, my skin is acne-prone, and mostly because of hormones, I get new pimples every month ;_; Ladies, you must know "that time".. ;-(
I also suffer from acne scar.. Therefore, my skin needs a boost.. !
That's why I add a product from Menard too, called Beauness Lotion, as an additional! :D

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Thank you everyone for all the support in 2012!
Because so many people ask me what's the best make up products IN MY OPINION, so I am sharing my list!! This is my 2012 Best Make Up Products Award yay! :wink:

This post is inspired by my friend, Kirari, beauty blogger from thailand whom I met a year ago through NAPBAS.. She has made 2010 and 2011 top cosme, so i was thinking "hey it sounds fun! why not i try it as well?" So yeah!! :D 

Please note that this list is based on my preferences and my experience, it may not work for you as good as on me. Anyway, you may click the picture on the product to see the full review! :wink:
If I do not mention the type of the products, such as concealer or lip pencil, it means that I haven't found any product that is suitable to be awarded yet, so I dont bother to write :lolpastel:

So, let's start!!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

I was very, disappointed on myself.. I forgot that I had to announce the winners on Christmas *kills myself* T____T

I thought it's supposed to be on 27th.. My brain seriously reached high level of error
I, Apologize, to all of you T____T:regret:

thank youuu, very much for ALL the comments and emails regarding the giveaway!
Instead of additional followers or hundreds of tweets mentioning my giveaway, I appreciate more about the critiques of my current readers. I am happy with the amount of my readers now, and the love that they shower to me. And mails, saying about how I am inspirative in terms of beauty and life, are worth more than 10.000 followers :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

I am such a badass blogger, I just finished this seoul post after about half a year this trip has been done -_- I received so many complaints ordering me to finish this. But, but, I was busy with product reviews lol
Okay la before I get stoned, here I present the last days in Seoul!! 
Day 6 & 7 altogether! Cos Day 7 I just went to the airport la! :x So no need pic right, nothing interesting to mention too. But I can tell that my 6th day is very, memorable XD AND, entertaining! :up:

Go read till finish!

Monday, December 24, 2012

I always love reviewing lipstick :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:! Simply because I love to see the colors comparison ! Although I hardly go for bold colours, and always pick "safe zone" which are nude, peach, coral, and pink.. It is always interesting to see the colours:hearts3:

So today's lipstick review is from Lioele, and it's from their Dollish Moisture range!

Read more for further info! :hearts3:

A great way to enhance your eyes is through false eyelashes. And so many people save money just to buy 2 pairs of Dolly Wink to obtain dolly lashes. But I always say, it is too expensive T_T

With the same price, or lower [depends on where you buy it] you can get 5 pairs of Diamond Lash, from japan as well.. And it comes with various box types.. The purple one is the one that I love so much, because it is very glamorous and thick.. But pink box, has more natural look!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Recently, Tomomi Itano from AKB48 just made collaboration with my most favorite lenses brand in Japan, Candy Magic!

I swear that it is by far the most comfortable lens I have ever tried, and gives very good result! But the price usually is quite pricey.. And it is very difficult to buy if you're outside Japan

But as I am coming soon, I am planning to buy these lenses!!!

Tomomi Itano is probably the prettiest girl in Japan in my opinion, and IF I want to get my face done, probably her face will be the face that I want the most  :hearts3::hearts3::hearts3:

My final exam wasgoing on for weeks and meanwhile my friends were doing their exams at home [ art students do most of their exams at home cos it takes looooongggg time to finish :x ], I found myself hibernating most of the time :yayblush:

Whenever I opened my laptop, instead of making exam, I suddenly felt sleepy and slept with my laptop open. It happened like TWICE in a day :x

Although I say I am panic, but it just happened inside.. Some of you must have known that I have weak stomach, so when I feel depressed, nervous, or panic, I have bad stomachache, and so that's why I lose weights a lot.. But then I become very happy of the weight loss and end up eating a lot again so it's useless.. and because I eat a lot, I sleep a lot.. And my exam was abandoned!! That's hell's cycle :x

So conclusion is, when I am in panic I suddenly become very lazy.. My friends were instead panicking on my place because it takes them like 1-2 weeks to finish 1 exam, and I started making it like 4 days before exam #nyarimati :oops::oops::oops:
It's because I am so addicted to Line Pop game and I put my heart and soul to reach no 1 :lolpastel:

But it's ok dont worry, my grades are ok :lolpastel:And it's finished already so doesnt matter now!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

I'm so teary right now because all the jobs are done... 
And now I can reveal you the project.. That I have been working on for about.. half a year? or more?

I didn't want to reveal it before hand because I do not like revealing something that is not done yet..

I am making a book :omg: :whaaa:

A make up tutorial book :makeup::makeup::makeup:


Friday, December 21, 2012

Probably the most requested post this month is to make a review regarding my newest japanese wig which I love to die, probably this is the best find this year, or probably in my whole life TxT *lebay*

And I have tried other wigs before for the past few months.. But being a good blogger *ahem*, I do not edit the bad photos or lighting that much to give you different perspective about the wig, though I looked quite meh T_T

I know that those wigs can be manipulated by good lighting and avoid harsh flash to get nice pictures.. But I think that it can lead you guys to wrong opinion, or I am just too lazy to over photoshop my pictures... But in the end you guys also notice that those wigs look fake.. So no need my explanation  :lolpastel: 

Pinkcoco is in fact very good in real life, but must admit in flash photography it looks shiny cos it's synthetic T_T and I am blamed a lot because I use wig cos it doesnt look nice

So one day, I ordered Japanese wig.. in fact, I never wanted to because my hair used to be nice, and japanese wig is expensive... But because I cannot stand it anymore, I finally ordered one.. :x

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